good morning

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After getting a good sleep,
We wake up

And greet some body with a Good Morning.

Thank you Allah for giving us a good rest and hopefully we can do better job together.

If we live in a rural area,
Some where in the mountain

We get fresher air and plenty of oxygen from the trees, vegetation and its surroundings like Pagoh and Muar, Johor.

Usually retired personnels would like to spend their remaining time here.

Four reasons.

1.  Away from the hustle bustle of the big cities and communication
2.  Mental and physical rest
3.  Economic reasons and
4.  Family

Lets talk about one of them.  Better to focus on
Family, shall we?

Modern families tend to have few working children.  Alas,
They are very busy working and tending to their new families. They live far away from their beloved parents.

Old people must be smart
I.e.,  they would live better if they have their own pension,
Financial savings and good common senses.

With this they can travel and move on with their own lives.  Dont worry.

Else they expect something from their loved ones such as
companionship, care and love.

One of missing components at this age is
some amount of conversation with their daughters and sons.  What more talking to their grand children.  The best moment would be the grand son is climbing on their laps, backs and every where. He..he..he

if he was a teacher,  he will talk a lot about his former schools, students, teaching and friends.

if he was a police constable, he will talk something about his policing in few places. Interesting and horrible things that he had gone through.

similarly with Tun Mahathir, whom I am proud with.
he will talk so many wonderful things.

in short most of them will repeat their stories
endlessly.  Some static but some in different versions. All full of colours.

sometimes it is very boring.


why boring?
because they come from a group of old people.
the peak of boredom
happens when

they are placed
in an old folks homes which the children will pay monthly for many available facilities.

yes but

look this way please, mind you?

3)  in this home
they can talk more and more among each other.  They can yell if they want.  Just carry on.

so they are living  there happily ever after.


if they come with some illnesses
like cancer, heart problem and /or others
they need extra care like some one to change their soiled pampers again and again.

dylysis? complicated.

So sad
where are my children?
come please.  Help me.

i want  this
i want that
i do not want to eat porridge any more
i want to see my handsome sons

This old man.

so much fussylah  this grand dad ehh..
oh my God

how to maintain good service when you are aging between 65 to 95?

if you believe Allah
if you believe there are places called paradise and hell
come , visit me  please

i want some green grapes please
few pieces of good bread,
a spoon of pure honey
i have some more money
just A.T.M only

ohhh..i cannot walk any more
where is my mobile chair?
my god
it is not working..nurse.

my willy?  Why  limping  again n
it is going wet again.  So  sorry.

old age.  Those are the common voices from any elderly person called a dad, mum, pappa, mar and many more in the old folks homes regardless of race, religion and color.

That is why good morning  breaks the morning air in the wards
you must enjoy your every day with happiness, jokes, hello here and hello there with those you love and of course your wonderful friends.
it is so expensive to live each day when you are called a veteran, right?  What more you are carrying many colored wires on your body. So make full use of this  great morning.

so please take care  Sir.
take care Mummy.  We all love you.




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