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Charity is giving money to someone in order to solve their daily  problem.

Examples of charity  that comes to my mind are

1.  A  sweet smile is charity
2.  A good expression to your poor students is charity.
3.  Feeding the stray dogs with some bones is charity.
4.  Giving a part of todays bonus to your sick mum is also charity.


Why do we give charity?
The answers are

1.  To help someone else
2.  Someone's hobby
3.  Charity unites 2 families together such as the rich son and the poorer one.
4.  As a good citizen, we always remember those who are the charitable lot.
Example the dog. It wont bite the master. Never never babajeee.
5.  It improves our relationship.  Example Saudi Arabia and Malaysia.  Did you remember the dying arab donate 2.6 bilion RM to our PM few years ago.
If at that critical time, he could give billions
What would happen
If our PM went to see him when he was healthy and strong?
May be
May be
He would have given us trillions of RM.  What do you think?  He he he

i think thats all for this time.
see you again.

i want to go to the bank.  Insya allah.
RM250 bonus time for retired government staff.  From there i can donate a bit to my children who are sitting her exam and those sending  children to the schools.

For me
easy come, easy go.
Most importantly i am fit and wanna go go like the song sang by G. Michael.



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