now the night has come

Posted by sazali


After day light
Here comes the darkness

We called it  night time.

It is good to rest at night

After a hard hard work
Allah sends us to rest and lets  the body rejuvenate in the night.

My  religious teacher taught me
To be a bit quiet

Less talk
Do reflection
Can we do things better tomorrow when the new day comes?
To forgive others
Highlight others strong points
Appreciate old and new friends
Appreciate they are still with us
Good or bad times

If we practice anger
We shall die faster
Because temper creates soared blood vessels
Our inner body feels the heat
More blood rushing into tighter arteries
and this is harmful for us
short or long term

thus good to feel sorry for those sicked friends
and just forgive those who treated us badly
in schools, offices or streets

at night
the temperature has gone down a bit
nice, nicer and nicest
just shut our eyes
read al quraan

we ask a bit
how school today boy?
can you go far  girl?

he he he
never mind
i know you can do it children
for you never let me down

you zzzzzzz
did you kiss ur mum?
sorry mum

thanks for all food you prepared
out of 1,000,000 cooks
you are always our best.

good night mum
good night dad

u remain nice in our heart.
good night




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