rezki, rezeki, rejeki

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In this part of the world , rezki means many things.
One of them is money either RM or Rupiah.

To have abundance of rezki is to have loads of money.
Halal money.  The money that was earned properly according to the laws of Islam and/or country.

But rezki can transcend on the following things too.  SEE Fathuri Salehuddin(2012).

# good health
## good family i.e., wife, children, parents, siblings, relatives
# good friends
## good country
# good brain
## good talking and sense of humour
# good thinking
## common sense
#  nice voice, words, actions
## good manners
#  sound sleep
## toileting business good, better n best
And endless more bounties.

Today may I write about a good wife.
The greatest asset or rezeki that a man can have.

She knows she is a wife of somebody called husband.
She knows she is a lady.
She understands she cannot mix freely with others
SHE has common sense in entertaining guests
A sultan that come to her house must be treated a bit special than ordinary folks.
all her actions would bring her  nearer to paradise or hell.
She must take care talking to others and
showing her body outside her closed homes.
She must take care of her private parts.  Can you name them one by one?
She takes care of her daily 5 x solat, recitation of Al Quran, taklim wa taklum and many more.
She knows 1 important fact
if she obeys Allah,
make her husband happy with her upon her death
then paradise is a must to her.  No need Ph.D, Audi, Bungalow, golden cutleries, expensive hand begs, nice but very tight shoes
In sya Allah.
Other than that, she cooks for her family
She waits for her husband to return b4 eating lunch, dinner and others.
She talks with nice words.
She never talk  with high tone when her hero is aroundvher
She knows how to turn down request upon request of others.
Very careful with money.
very careful with promises.
very careful mentioning about her hero i.e. husband

3)  the same goes with the husband.
He must reciprocate the above virtues well.
hot versus cold.
wisdom versus forgetfulness
beauty versus strength
soft versus hardness
water versus fire
quiet,  tranquility  versus  strictness.

Lucky indeed are those who have this beautiful lady.
Do you have this rezeki?

if i give you a scale 1 to 10
what score are you willing to give to your rezki called wife at this point please?
Answer: ............. ( marks infinity)



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