well done boy

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As a teacher it is good to appreciate the effort shown by your students no matter how small their effort was.

Some children had never been appreciated by their parents at home.

As a teacher there is nothing wrong to say

1.  Well done Jerome.  I like that.

2.  That's good Maria.  I am proud to see this stirling performance.
Keep it up  ok?


I  have some basis to what i said just now.

In some homes i visited

3.  The parents spoke very rude to each other.

4.  The parents live separately.  One in Singapore and the partner is here in front of my eyes.

5.  They are stuck with many kinds of sad stories and difficulties.

In short

As a teacher
You have been given a golden chance to
Make a world of difference to your students

Please do it sincerely.
You will see the effect soon.  Believe me please.



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