Four things

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Last 2 weeks I went for dakwah.  I went for three days.

I learnt many things.

One of them is

4 things I should not do at all in my life

What are they?

#  Dont ask anything from others except Allah

## Dont expect anything from others.

### Dont use people's properties without their permission

#  Don'  t  waste things unnecessarily

Insya allah I call myself first to practise.

My readers also can join along, can't  they?


If we expect many things from others
We tend to be frustrated once and many more times.

A husband went abroad. He was away for 1 week.
Since we sent him to the airport
We expect many gifts upon him returning home.
Alas ..we were so disappointed.  Why?
He came back with a simple post card.
He explain.  Our RM not doing well anymore, my dear.


In the hospital, we saw many dying people.
If not today, soon coming.
Most of them put something between their chests.
What is it  Dr S?
The answer is simple.
Actually frustration is an expensive illness.  But not many wanted to quantify. See the late Lady Diana.  She went many places just to get rid of her unknown frustration.

They are frustrated in many occasions.
First, no presents upon their husbands returning home overseas.
Second, we expect something expensive
They came back with very cheap gifts example
Superglue for our non working shoes.

i think thats all for today.
later i shall expand my other points.
i must rest now.

Subuh is in my mind.
Good night.


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