Good night

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In England

Good night means
It is already night.
Time to sleep and rest.

Before you sleep
If you meet any one at the office, faculty, bus stop
You greet him or her
Good evening

After all your business
You parted with

Good Night.
See  you tomorrow, shall we?

That was what i learnt  when
I was in England few decades ago.

i  believe one strong fundamental thing

if my food and drink are there this year
i will be there.  As simple as that.

In sya Allah.

this is the knowledge of yakin.

yakin for food
yakin for everything
happening is all pre destined
no mattter what.

it will happen.
Sooner or later.

like that lah especially our death.
Am I ready?

Allah is Great.  May Allah be happy with us.

We committed many wrongs
but we also do some good things.
What are they?

trying to write well  to be shared to the readers could be 1 of that. I  think.

Hope Allah accept this as my humble contribution to the society at large.

Good night world.  Al fatihah, al mulk, alifvlam meen sajdah and zikir.
Soon zzzzzz..
Subuh in my mind, niat.



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