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There are many kinds of actions (ibadat).
Some are good and some are not.

Good actions are like teaching some one how to write and read in English, Arabic or Malay.
Sewing, making crochette and many more are also forms of ibadat.  From here we can help someone to earn his living and help his or her family.

Bad actions are back biting, swearing and stealing.  Here you destroy someones life.
Better stop these because the end is hell fire.

In this life we can chose in doing good or bad actions.
It depends entirely on us.

This needs some knowledge and guidance.
We are very lucky if we meet a teacher who can guide us towards more good actions.

This is then called rezeki.
Our rezeki to meet a great teacher.
From him/ her we can see things better.
Without a true guidance we can easily get loss.

In the ministry
If we are hired to work
All actions are called ibadat.
If we perform well , those ibadat would bring us nearer to paradise else
If we did not perform so well such as stealing time to do other things
Then those actions would bring us to hell.

Astagh firullah.
What more we committed grafts at a larger scale i.e., we took sides in giving out projects in the hope we got financial benefits.

Those would bring us to hell.

So be careful.
To take care with our ibadat
We need taufiq and hidayah.
That is why we pray for this taufik hidayat more than 17 times daily.

With hidayat we can
See beautiful things.
Teaching well is beautiful. Everybody is happy with you.
Cooking well is pretty. Somebody gonna appreciate you more and more. If the husband and wife appreciate each other,
they wont fight.
so the families become stronger.

but iman fluctutes up and down.
to control the fluctuation, we need to plan our time well and we must create time to learn and unlearn and relearn. Doing dakwah is the best kind of ibadat.  From dakwah, more pondok tahfiz mushrooming all over the world. Once dakwah is killed, the glow of knowing and practising ad deen will dim down and gone.  The prophets life history exhibited to us the importance of doing dakwah.  To do dakwah, you bring Allah's help with you.  This would make you stronger and stronger.  We are the umat of a prophet who did dakwah. Please do not stop.

Time management is ibadat.
Critical path method is ibadat.  Feasibility study is ibadat.
Planning well is ibadat what more if we execute it perfectly well. Spending money well is ibadat. Avoiding oneself from thrifty and extravanges .. is also ibadat.  Cooking halal food is ibadat. Putting a simple idea across the globe is ibadat.  The ability in doing so is rezeki. See ibadat and rezeki runs parallelly to each other.  One needs another in complementing a good life.  Allahu akbar.

oh Allah ..give us taufik hidayat
give us paradise. Ameen.

verily, we are the one responsible in choosing what we want daily.  Our own life is
is ibadat.



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