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Malaysia has a unique set of problems. Her neighbours have some problems too.
As a result, we are countries with an array of problems.  Let us start, shall we?

First, flooding. No amount of planning and drainage systems we installed , yet we could solve  this calamity.  Why?  Just to show ..Allah is more powerful than the men combined together.

Second, is many youths are unemployed.
According to a reliable source, some  100,000 graduates are still jobless. One of the reasons, the government introduced 60 as the age of retirement.
Last time in the year period 1990 to 2000, when retirement age was 55
We seldom hear jobless graduates especially medical doctors.

Now young and fresh doctors are going without jobs.
If they got a job, it is just a contract type.  If they got jobs, they have to perform over excellence day in and night.  Please refer to the front page Star Malaysia paper last few days. Is this a
Good example of a problem solving?

This is different with new sets of teachers.
Even though most new teachers are not straigth A students
Their jobs are offered to be more stable than the doctors.  Oops, it was found most teachers are bumiputera. Few come from well to do families like contractors, ministers, head departments,  big teacher families and mind  you,  teacher population stands between 200,000 to 300,000 strong.  Doctors ?  Less than 30,000!

For your information
Most doctors who graduated from UM, UKM and UIA
Obtained all As in SPM, STPM, PMR and UPSR.

But looking at the current trend, the government thinks the mind of the pupils are more important than their health.  In short,
a teacher is more important than a doctor.
That is why a teacher is given a stable post while the doctors
got contractual jobs.  Oopss. ..  young doctors have to perform 5 years work beforevthey are absorbed into the government service.  Look they said

"doctors have to be extra patient"

extra study.
extra grade As
extra years of contract work
and finally
extra sabar (patient).  A
  sorry picture for those brighter, the brightest students of ours.

one day do not be surprise  if one were to see
our doctors are selling fishes and prawns at the road sides just like India and Russia. All their training is going to waste i.e., their skills are just meant to sell and buy.

Young doctors playing guitars while cooking burgers in the middle of the nights.

What more our doctors going to drive express buses from Kumpur to Penang or Johor in order to get some bread and coffee.  They can't wait one  thing.  Marrying  Not only yhe fortunate teachers  for pre schooling getting married ... those brighter grads wanted to follow suit ..yes marriage in the air.  Brilliant, isn't  it?

2)  Malaysia is a champion.
Among many countries
Malaysia tries harder to solve many problems
from its neighbouring countries.  The Saudis respect Malaysia.  All ok and good especially Tabung Haji(TH).  Last time when I registered to go TO hajj
they told me my turn would be 2048.That is my age would be 100.

But last few days WHEN i  updated my TH account, my turn going hajj would be 2098.  Good planners ..they think i can still walk at the age of 150.  Why not put it 3030?  He..he..he..

Last time Malaysia absorbed many Bosnian muslims into the country.
Now as this article is being written
we are planning to  Burmese and Syrian muslims. Oopss they look just like us ma  the malays.  Their names quite the same like the local malays.  Abd Rahman, Mustapha and many more.

Malaysia cannot listen to
any of its neighbours' hardship.  This is according to the Prophets teaching.  May be
Soon many vessels, trucks and aeroplanes gonna be sent
to pick up
our neighbours and bring to our shores happily and dont worry.

The only problem is the country

Is  importing problems.
We want to look as the real hero at problem solving.  Syukur.  This is the true muslims according to the prophets teaching.  Bravo.

We gave milk and honey to those who just arrrived example in Sabah, some foreigners are marrying the local girls in droves while  our own set of doctors .. they waited so long to practice their skills and know how.  In Sabah the new mamaks can open businesses under our blue sky

our graduates go jobless which looks to be  never ending what more our foreign exchange is not on our side at all.  Every day the ringgit is falling down in spite of the new governor at Bank Negara is swearing our money is gaining strength by strength.  Kapput!

THINK.  Is this right?  Pity the kampung folks.

their sons, daughters
after MRSM, SBP
overseas training
no job yet
and the minister
just say

please be extra patient



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