Alas ..why is that so?

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Salam/  Greetings !

Why we are not there yet?

Every year THE gives  the list.  YES ..the top  400 universities of the world.  Again we Malaysians failed to come close to that list.  The nearest was UKM (401 – 500) .  SO far lagging behind!  Do you realize how big is 400? 

Yes 1,2,3 ..                                                           10
10,20, ….                                                              100
100, 101,..  ,                                                        110
301, 302, … 309, and finally 400!  [  oh my GOD , so slow .. my counting skills]

Why?  What has happened?  Are our scholars / lecturers not good enough?
I can not answer these questions out  right but .. let us see some of the possible reasons.  May be ..

(i)                   The universities are not income generating institutions like Cranfield Institute of Technoloy.  A western university created Apple .. and they generated so much money from the creativity/ innovations and there they are now. Dormehl (2012).
(ii)                The staff are not doing high impact research for examples  research like iPAD, iPOD etc etc. Dormehl.(2012).
(iii)               The staff are not writing enough  research , journal papers to be included into the high impact journals like WSEAS Transactions EDU 2006
(iv)              The staff is not writing books-  his  own niche area!
(v)                And many more.  I hate to write and  of course
I hate to explain more.


The above list came from an article on Sunday Star Malaysia 7th October 2012.

I tried to write something every day because by writing .. my mind is trained to think better and in a much disciplined sequential manner.  From a  simple point , some serious  elaboration and thinking  after that point and finally we get a paragraph, a chapter, more chapters  and finally a book.  That is my aim.

If there is no book .. at least I spread something good to my community at large.  It is hard to understand some one cannot write a book after all these years .. he had written three kinds of thesis – BSc degree, Masters degree and PhD doctorate.  We have written a lot but unfortunately our audiences were so few – the examiners!  Why not transforming these writings into books. If you think about money , glamour ..of course it is hard to write things called  A BOOK but if you think ..

Examples of what I had spread to my community.  The importance of cooking our own food.  Next, the importance of letting our girls know more about  cooking skills because we can control the level of hygiene in the food preparation while spreading good moral values – sharing things with our beloved sisters and brothers.  Next ,  .. ,  why we have to respect our teachers, parents , family members and every one at large.  Since Malaysia, is a multi cultural and multi religious country , in order to live peacefully ever after it is vital to learn the art of social skills from others.   Next I wrote , how to write things in English and finally I emphasize not to feel afraid at writing.  Just write what you think so far.

I don’t expect to be paid.  I give them freely just like my old friend a Tanzanian Tablighi Brother Ahmad in London in 1970 – 1980.  He taught me many small  things in life.  Even though he came from Africa, he taught me many things on Islam.  By listening to him, I practice Islam more happily.  One of his teachings was :

‘ just say a good word a day , who knows .. if some body pick them up ..  and practice them in their daily life ..  all the good deeds will belong to you .. Brother ’

Now .. many children do not like to talk among themselves including their own siblings.  They  write things on the Facebook instead.  Who knows .. by reading these  words ..  unknowingly .. he could transfer his reading towards  his friends In other parts of the world.   Well we do not know the magic of writing until day we are in Padang Mashar at the time of Qiyamah  ..  we see there is a big followings behind us.  We ask :  are we prophets/ are we messengers of God?

The angels say .. NO.  You never were  but by writing things good .. you have some followings ..and these followings multiply ..without you realizing them.  See?  The power of Allah.  THE multiplier never stop from that day you wrote good points until the end of all mankind. 

Wallahu aklam.

p/s: my wife warned me not to tell others .. I told her ..she was 103 % correct.    Li llah hi taala?


Dormehl, L.(2012).  The Apple Revolution.  USA:  Virgin



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