Remember our Allah at times of ..

Posted by sazali


I read a kitab to the nearest meanings as follows:

if we remember Allah , at the time of ease ..then Allah will remember us at time of hardships

if we remember Allah among few good believers than Allah will remember us in a congregation of angels (malaikah).

in fact it is advisable for us to engage ourselves in zikrullah at all times, so that ..our heart beats run congruently with the zikir , then ..  Allah makes things easy for us at all times.

2)  if we face difficulty in few important jobs , retreat towards the mercy of Allah.

Allah is forever benevolent and grace/ mercy .

Wallah hu aklam.

the best zikir is the recitation of the Holy Quraan.  Read slowly, with 'tar tertila'  and insya allah happiness will enshroud us back.  insya allah.



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