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Last 10 months I opened a clinic MUET (Malaysian University English Test).  It ran for 10 consecutive weeks from January 2012 to March 2012.  It was all free.  In this present age, when you have to pay 30 sen to urinate in R& R PLUS Highways .. I did my work freely.  0 sen!  The activities were oral , comprehension etc etc.  I used a lot of visuals. Unfortunately, the response from my malay first year students was luke warm.  Most that came were familiar faces.

2) A good case. Now my P.A. student in Kedah , in spite of him completing all his BIT subjects for the last 2 years .. he still could not manage Band 3 in order to graduate this coming Convocation UTHM NOv 2012.  I felt so sad.  I went through his reports - he scored 3 STPM Principals Grade Bs and C.  All his subjects in BIT courses covering more than 100 credit hours -  he passed them well.  CPA ~ 3.00 .  The only thing that stop him for convocation is MUET Band 1.  According to the rules of this university , he was given 2 years to sort out his MUET after completing BIT course.

Surprise surprise surprise.

His P.A. was giving MUET classes for free ever ever since .. so far I had not seen his face yet.

Yesterday I called him in deep rural area in SIK, Kedah ..  I asked .. how many times have you taken MUET ?

He answered once.  Band 1.

See.. my degree student .. after all these years 3.5 years BIT degree + 2 years STPM/HSC /  GCE A Levels ..  he only managed  Band 1.  And he has taken the test only once after 5.5 great years !  I was completely mad with this attitude!

3)  Conclusion:  if a student is not interested in English .. why should he been forced to take that similar TEST.  

Can anybody give me any suggestion .. how to get that Kedah 'horse' on track?

He has 5 more weeks to secure his scroll and many more good fortunes upon his graduation.

My doa for  him  and his good hearted P.A.  Ameen.


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