More on MUET Part 4

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Good Morning.  You can also also say Good Afternoon Sir/ Madame if it is after 1200 hours when yoou walk into the test room.

2)  Today we are going to talk about malaysian fruits like banana, papaya dan rambutan.

What do you think about those fruits?

Answer:  Very good.

Question:  Do you eat them every day?

Answer:  Yes I do.

Question :  Can yoou give me 3 reasons why you like eating those fruits?

Answer:  Firstly,  they are cheaper than sunkist oranges and strawberry.
Secondly, they are easier to find in front of our houses/ streets/  nearby villages
and thirdly, we must help Malaysian farmers by buying malaysian products like these fruits.

Question:  Good.  Why then many of our friends eat oranges, apples and kiwis?

Answers:  May be they have more money.
They look smarter than us who eat local rambutan with some ants to it. Sometimes, the rambutan is too watery .. it is expired.  So it is not good to eat watery rambuatan.

Sometime, rambutan is quite difficult to eat.  You need 2 hands to take out its skin.
This is different from an apple. You can start eating the apple straight away.  Looks so clean sometimes these apples.  What say you Madame?


See ..the root to your success in MUET Exam is must be able to talk and explain a bit more than you have actually done all these years.

By talking about simple topic (eating local fruits) here .. hopefully you can gain some confidence of doing well in MUET.

Good Luck then.

See you.



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