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Today my children came back from 3 places - Klang, Kuantan and Kluang.  All these journey incurred some cost.  Money, time and my sweat.  I drove all the way to fetch them since they are my girls.

2)  Mathematically speaking, our lives from morning to evening to night all incur some costs.  What our Islam says : do things moderately.  If you can spend RM50 per day, why should you waste RM100 to RM1000 per day.  Thats ridiculous , right?

3)  if we can sleep in a simple room with a fan, why should we turn on the air cond.  try to live simply .. this is what our beloved prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) taught us all these while  1430 years ago.

but we broke this system.  that is why ..in Kelantan, there are so many cases of divorce in spite of the malaysians calling it the 'corridor of Mecca'.  You know why those cases happened in the surroundings where many people attending islamic teachings, talk about halal and haram and HUDUD.

(i)  knowing something about Islam is not parallel (mathematics) to what we are doing because our lives is full of whims and desires  .

the reasons may be as follows:
 even though the husband attend Nik Aziz's teaching, he forgot his wife and children who are watching all kinds of reality shows at home.  the husband is punctual with 5 times daily prayers in the nearby mosques but the family is too carried away with advertisements from the TV, internet etc etc.  More over, the man is weak.  Now many men are weak . Even though he boast to carry an elephant from 1 place to another, he become so timid in front of his wife.  Why?  I do not know that really.  there must be some special weapon that the women possess.  Did you ever hear , how the ladies scream .. at the husbands if they are late to ferry them to the emporium , shopping malls on the eve of Eid Mubarak, Eid Adha etc etc.  Tragically, the shouting occur in front of the children 12 - 18 years old.  Verily the man lost face and has gone weakling.  If the man is strong, he can control his wife, her mouth and many other things closely associated to the lady that he called ' my bini'.  ?He..he..  when a man is related one to one to a bini ..that is mathematics discrete.  One to one.  ? In fact Allah and our beloved prophet warned us to closely check our beloved families at home.  Man cannot guide effectively their women because he himself  are too 'lazy'  to hear what is preached at the mosques.  Without proper feedback from the ,mosque, the man lost many skills to  advise his wife with wisdom and love.  From hindustani and malay films,usually at the end of the month, the non working wives are so nice to their men.  Why?  The gaji can  bring many things ..furniture, fashions, cakes and cookies during the festive seasons.  so the man can at least control his power of money in his pocket but alas ... from history, and graphical trends (statistics and mathematics again) .. he falter yet again. Why?  he has little knowledge to argue , defend and reason things nicely using economics , mathematics, statistics and spiritual wahyu.  Alas you fooled again.. my boy!
your iman is weak, weaker and weakest.
What is iman?  it is like a pile of coins.  if your iman is 20 cents worth, you cannot buy anything nowadays ... but if your iman is 200,000,000 pieces of gold coins .. then you can do so many things.  Iman inn Allah is the real thing!

(ii)  Our lives is all about mathematics.  Men know that .. his species are dying one after the other in many villages in Kelantan.  They die so young because they were overworked by their families especially their marshal in chief  @  BINI from day 1 until (50*365 days). Pity you my man.  From a simple survey and SPSS Version 16.0 analysis using quantitative method of data collections and analysis .. we can see the trend ...many men left this earth so early .. because they were too tired to survive beyond pension time.  The study of this trend is again mathematics where the average age man dies is 50 while the ladies 70.  The standard deviation is 1 year 6 months only.  The shorter the standard deviation from year 1970 to 2010 ..  the trend is ... mathematically speaking ..   the men left so early this earth by many kinds of modern diseases called kidney problem, cancer , sembelit, buasir, bengkak batu etc etc.  In short ...   you get my points my ladies?  subhanallah.

Insurannce companiies are making in roads .. into muslim families in Malaysia, Brunei and Indonesia. Why?Simple my dear.  They study demographic data including births and deaths among muslims.  So if an insurance agent won ..  where u are signing ..personal life plan .. mathematically , your money has gone out from your pocket into their accounts (insurance companies, Prudential, takaful etc etc).

(iii)  Now i am using internet from my daughters' notebook.  Even though it is her lap top ..  all bills ..I got to foot sooner or later.  That is again mathematics.  If after this raya season, when she left the house ... suddenly during her journey .. she made an emergency call to her daddy ..then that is again mathematics.  Because ... the father sometimes has to foot many things including the workshop, the coffee shop in the middle of the highway etc etc.  You lost your sleep.  Usually u can sleep 7 hours .. after that call ..suddenly .. you lost few hours of sleep.  the next day you become so tired. Why?  mathematically, you lost money, time and energy when at the same you could just sleep away .. peacefully.  Life is full of ups and down.  Mathematically, some months Allah did n't test you with shortage of money and sometimes .. Allah tested you so many gains ..bonus from BN government 1.5 month bonus.  if a teacher earns RM4000 a month, so his bonus is RM6000 by february 2013.  But alas ... syaitan has played many tricks ..  by putting him ideas to invest his bonus into many kind of schemes.  Before he got RM6000 this Feb 2013, suddenly he suffered sudden lost. All his investments went up the air. in short, he was cheated of buying a piece of land in the middle of an ocean ..  no body knows where the land is!.

This act always happen in Bachok and Tumpat.  The land suffer soil erosion. So mathematically, we are again being foolish.  A pence gain , but a pound foolish!


Penat dah ni.  Too tired already.  Msut take PERMATHON .. but where that bottle?  oh .. i took the last pill last week aready.  want power tonight?  The answer is mathematically u must drive to teh nearest pharmacist ..  now the pills are getting more expensive. Last year a bottle of pharmaton was rm78 now it is already rm98.  See?  the gaji went up 10% more from 2012 to 2013 data ,  but the power pills went up its price by more than 10%.  See the logic!  the chinese are getting more money after we got the pay hike.  Rubbishing away our short lived gaji!

Think thats all for tonight.

Insyallah I write again .. maths III .  Please forgive me .. my readers?  I don't mean to teach you anything ..but as a teacher I always write and speak with my pupils in my mind 25/8 all the time.

Wallahu aklam!


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