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There are 3 parts in MUET.

First  is Listening to a tape.  Second is Oral/ Dialogue between you and the examiner(s) and lastly ..

I want to focus here the oral part.  WE are going to practice on the oral part.

(i)  try giving out reason(s).

Try to speak out the reasons.  As loudly as possible.

Why loudly?  I believe many of you hardly talk so far.  That is why you are scoring Band 1 and Band 2 ever since.  Right?  BUt don't worry.  It is not the end of the world yet!  laugh.

(ii)  Examples of questions and reasons.

Why is the bus late?  Reasons:  May be the driver is still very new.  Very young.  They are very immature.  May be they are new to the road system in this city presumably.

Why is the traffic so slow in KL?

The answer could be ..  may be the town planner/ contractors  are not so smart I think.  Why?  If they are smarter , they should have designed a better road system in Kuala Lumpur.  Now ..we pay more for tolls  but we are also late every day , day in and day out.  That is ridiculous!  Some drivers even die in their car .. because of the snail traffic flow in Kuala Lumpur.

Why are you so nice to the government?

Because we could have been  drugged .. we acted like angels so far.  We pay more tolls, we pump more petrol and we spend longer time in the traffic jam.  Not only me ... you and me but also the whole population.  We are too nice to the government today.  What say you?


Don't worry.  Just say the reasons.

You can also say .. we are quite foolish you know.  (laugh).  Only foolish people pay more money on tolls, petrol and spending long and long hours on the roads everyday ..and  end up queueing.  What say you Sir/ Madame?

We are also strange people because we pay more at buying cars.  I know in Bangkok , they pay less for Proton and Toyota cars than in Malaysia.  How do I know?  I have many relatives in Golok , Thailand and Satun Province.

They say .. we are very rich people.  The tragedy , rich people never think.

It is true , isn't it?

Try and give more reasons.  Don't be afraid.  The examiners are very professional.  Even though they are paying more tolls, petrol and suffering quietly  in the daily long queues to get to the MUET centres .. they are going to give you a Band 3 if . you keep on telling the reasons.  Try.  Don't be afraid.

No body is going to kill you here in Malaysia for expressing your views.

Talk loudly please.

I think that is all for today.  Relax.  If you express what is inside your breast, I am sure you can sleep better tonight.  Don;t worry .  The more you practice giving out your reasons .. I am sure ..after MUET exam can speak like a Mat Salleh (during Dato Bahaman's time).

Good Luck.


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