Lagi on MUET Part 2

Posted by sazali


Happy Greetings!

Now after you have spent some time pronouncing the words  in your room.  Let us now go out to the road side.

I want you to say after me ..

(i)  That is a green car.
(ii)  that is a red car.
(iii)  The red car is bigger than the green car.
(iv)  The red car is moving slower than the green car.  Why? Give 1 reason./  Try 2 reasons please.


(i)  That is a lorry.

(ii)  It has 10 tyres.

(iii) Behind the lorry is a blue bus.  Yes a blue bus.

(iv)  Now the bus is over taking the lorry.  Why?  Give 1 reason/  try 2 reasons plz.

(v)  The bus travels very fast.  Why?  Give 1 reason/ Now give 2 reasons please.


The objective of this lesson is to

(1)  create the opportunity/ chance for you to give out some reasons .  Explain/ elaborate/  discuss.

I hope you have a partner to run the above  exercise.

Thank you.  See ..  wish you well .  I will write to you again.


YOU MUST BE ABLE TO GIVE OUT SOME REASONS/ say out the REASONS as loudly as possible.

Examples of reasons:

(i)  The car is fast because ...

A.  it is a smaller car but it has a bigger engine.

B.  the driver must be late from work.

C.  the other car is too slow on this highway.

(ii)  The bus overtook the lorry because .....

A.  the lorry suddenly stopped at the side of the road.

B.  lorry suddenly broke down at the side of the road.

C.  the lorry is too heavy with so many loads.

D.  the bus is very new and the lorry looks so old.

I think that is all for today.  Good Luck!  I will write again.



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