Muslims are mathematicians really?

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When we were born, the first thing we heard were a string of azan that consists of 7 - 8 lines that magnify the existence of God called Allah who has created the seven earths and the seven skies and .. the most significant part is Allah created them apart without any kinds of pillar(s).

To obey Allah and to follow the life style of the Holy Prophet pbuh .. will lead us to eternal success.

During our short life in this world, we are expose to the

1)  watch that has 12 numbers from 1 o'clock to 12 o'clock  Every second that ticks .. really counts for the betterment of our lives in this dunia and akhirat.  But to guide us .. Allah swear in the Holy Quran surah Wal Asri -  Verily all men are at loss! except those who have the faith in islam,  do good deeds and prevent people from ill doings .. and be patient in this effort of dakwah (propagation).  

2) during our short live , we are warned of 6 things (see the mathematics start counting with your fingers )

2.1  who is your LORD?
2.2  who is your Prophet?
2.3  which kitab is your reference?  Al Quraan
2.4  how you spend your youth 15 - 40 years age
2.5  how you get your earnings ?  is it halal or haram?
2.6  how do you act upon your knowledge etc etc

3)  If we take care of our life based on the 6 things above insyallah ..  as a mathematician we can go to the heaven as quickly as possible.

the problem is .. why are muslims lagging behind in many walks of our live?

the answer is :

1) we didn't obey Allah , Prophet Muhammad to the minutest detail
We obeyed 1%, 75% we went against all the commandments and the rest we are led astray by musics, FB, banking, business dealings etc etc including sports like soccer, Brazil and Red Warriors Kelate aku itu

We forgot a lot about our mathematics because we are tooo occupied with :

1)  finding jobs, money, pleasure ..without any endings for ever until we die on the road side - accident/  choke because of fish bones etc etc, got drugs

2)  we take MONEY as our LORD.  we do things according to what money tell us to do/  the parents left their small children because of the demand of money etc etc.  We talk ill of our siblings, relatives and friends because we think ..we are the best/  we don't need them any more.  We take friends more importantly than our relatives ... we watch films all day and all night long regardless of Eid Mubarak (Aidil Fitri/ Aidil Adha)..
we worship film stars like Shahrokh Khan, Salman Khan, Rajesh Khanna , Sidney Poiter, Whitney Houston .. and we lost .. and drown badly in music, lacking sleeep , etc etc .. that lead us to early death.

3)  we belittling what Islam taught us all this while.  In the Quraan , Allah said .. I created day light for you to work all along the day .. but alas you took night as day and the day as night. Yu slept all along the day , and you wake up all the night away.  As a result , your body suffer.  One day ..  you could not differentiate it is a straight road  or a river in front of you. Why?  becuase you lack sleep.

4)  When we lack sleep , we forgot so many mathematical steps towards better solutions etc etc.  Mathematical formulae we also forgot.  Debit credit never meet.  We are drowned in debts, bad debts and ..  the book of balance (CREDIT, DEBIT) never meet.  See?  we met Ah Long and this Ah Long has killed us so young .


to conclude, remember our maths young man/ lady.

let us come back to a simple life. if we earn RM100 a day , let us spend lesss than that daily.  God Willing , we are going to save our skin from the eternal miseries.  if we owe the banks , we cannot sleep so soundly;  except the Malaysian Government .. who say RM500 billion debt at present  .. it is going to be ok for us ..  I think we forgot our maths really  .. so badly there.

So long my readers.  Wallahu aklam.



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