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Salam/  Greetings

If you are taking MUET exam , it is good to know the types of band that they are going to award you at the end of the day.

Band 1 -   too basic/  restricted to knowing english terms only for example:  ayam is hen;  kampung is village.  The candidate hardly can talk any topic(s) in English.

Band 2 -  elementary english.  The candidate can talk a bit in English but the sentence(s) contain some grammatical errors. The pronunciation of certain important words have to be improved.

Band 3 -  the candidate can talk interestingly on most topics but the sentences do contain some errors /  poor pronunciation etc etc.

Band 4 -  The candidate can talk well. Good command of english.   English teachers in Malaysia must have this minimum band as a perquisite to teach.  Graduates of UITM Shah Alam.

Band 5 -  Excellent partner in discussing most topics like schools, universities and sports.

Band 6 -  the candidate can  talk and make references, arguments, debating  many  interesting issues like President of USA -  President Obama.  


I think if I were to take the test again , may be may be .. I can get Band 4 or Band 5.  (laugh).


Most of my children got those bands that qualify them to be teachers in Malaysian secondary schools. Not bad isn't it?


Now let us say you are just scoring Band 2 Muet after taking the test a few times.  What next?

I suggest you to :

*  engage yourselves in taking/ communicating things in English with your friends
** ask your partners to listen to your reading 2 paragraphs --  loudly.  Does it sound like an English man or ... what?  laugh.
*** go and talk English with your teacher(s) for at least 10 minutes a day .  You can do that at the teachers' parking bay ..  teachers common rooms etc etc.  canteens?

I think thats all mates!

Have a good day.



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