More on MUET Part 1

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If you are taking MUET exam , please do the followings:

(i)  go into your bedroom,  pronounce the objects  as loudly as possible


This is a teddy bear.

This is a bottle/  pen/ pencil/  computer notebook.

This is not a strawberry.  It is a mango.  MANGO!

This is not beef burger.  It is just an egg  fried rice.  YOU WANT SOME?


More ..

1)  My name is RAZAK.  I am a malay boy.

2)  I come from Kelantan.  It is raining today.

3)  I want to watch television.  Please let me do so.

4)  I do not want to play any facebook.  My MUET is coming soon.

5)  The teddy bear is very smelly.  It has not taken bath for the last 3 years. 


So far you have pronounce at least 20 English words like teddy bear, a bottle,  mango, egg, malay, raining, watch, play, and bath.

REPEAT THAT ACTIVITIES for a few more nights.  If you can let your younger brother to listen to your pronouncition .. if more members of the family listen /  the better it would be. Of coursse they will laugh at you. But never mind.  You want to get BAND 3 MUET right?  do what i told you.

Never mind if he laughs at your madness / pronouncing the english word such as teddy bear/  mango/ raining .. the objective is 

to make your tongue a bit soften speaking ENGLISH.  We practice by saying the name of the objects as many times as possible.

Soon I will teach you more.  See you!  Keep saying ..  the teddy bear is smiling at me.  10 times please! zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz  (sleeping)



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