Feeling good factor

Posted by sazali


I just woke up feeling good.  God knows why.  I think I have this type of feelings because of :

(a)  I still have a good health..  yesterday I managed to complete the whole routine in 'morning exercises' at the university stadium.  Praise be to Allah , I sweated a lot yesterday - it showed I have few more good playing years as an indoor  footballer. (laugh)

(b)  I still have my teaching job.  By teaching I can meet / interact with many students from many countries, states, cities, towns , villages , roads etc etc.  By teaching I can impart some good points about mathematics, moral values , good attitude etc etc like reading The Apple REvolution.  Mathematics is all about common sense.  If you got common sense , you got brain.  Please ask Tun Mahathir.  That was what he told me .. once.

(c)  I still can drive my car from point A to point B.  Point A is my house and POint B is my office.  It normally takes 15 minutes to reach my office but today I manage to cut it by half. Why?  I came so early today .. met some chirping birds.  They were caught by surprise.

(d)  I still can eat 'nasi goreng' plus few slices of tomatoes, guavas, banana and .. a cup of hot coffee.  if one is ill, he can not take all that within 15 minutes.  Right?

(e) I still have my wife beside me.  She is the one to befriend me in times of happiness and sadness.  Usually happiness is interpreted as ..  hearing my children got good grades in their respective schools  and .. sadness if we could not make any trip up north or west .. we got so many invitations.  Wedding of course!  This shows many of our friends' children are getting married and soon they too have their own families.

(f)   I can still manage to walk to the nearest mosque especially at dawn and dusk.  If I can sit a bit longer to do some important prayers and reciting the Holy Quraan .. my happiness increase a bit more.  Grace be to my Allah!


Looking at that good episodes, what else do we want more ? (Kitab:  Ilya Ulumiddin, Imam Ghazali r.a).

Is it wives?  is it more buildings called homes/ bungalows?  is it higher posts ?  Do you want to be like Dato' Seri Md Najib? Prime Minister of Malaysia - he..he..  I heard he is starting to lose some sleep already lately.

Do you want wealth?  I heard few sub-contractors , contractors and rich lords got killed .. shot .. because some body were so jealous/ hatred of them.  See? the wealthier you become , the more enemies you are sure to be making.  So stay contended as a simple maths teacher.  Get the counting right!

Do you want bigger partner?  Osshhh .. you are inviting more unnecessary  danger.  Have you not read any news .. the husband passed away silently .. because of the sheer big size of his partner !.. o yes .. it was all not planned as told in the court .  See?

As a conclusion, be happy ..and don't worry.  if you worry too much, you won't be as powerful as the king in Brunei.  So stay to it .. young man.

Wallahu aklam.


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