Why we are weak .. the reasons beneath our situation

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Everyday we are told that we are the best human kind meant for the other human kinds at large.  According to the Holy Quraan we are the best.  Period.  Unfortunately there are some characteristics that we have to adhere to all the time:

What are they?

(i)  obey Allah Taala all the time 24/7
(ii) follow the traditions of the Holy Prophet s.a.w through and through


As long as we adhere to the above conditions .... then we are entitled to that recognition bestowed by the Al-Mighty Allah.  Else .. we are .. just like every body.  We can be sold, killed and slaughtered at any times examples what the present predicaments we are in.  See in Bosnia 1980s, Africans 1960s etc etc.  Why?

We have:

(i)  disobeyed Allah in all walks of our life
(ii) not followed thoroughly the ways of life our Holy Prophet Muhammmad s.a.w.
(iii) we quaralled among ourselves/ in the TV3 immatured youths  know  BN fight with PAS ; BN bad mouthed PAS;  BN marshalled everything ; one moment the BIGGEST MUFTI in Malaysia said 'buang yang keruh , ambik yg jerneh '// another day he said ' islam itu bersaudara'.. the next day  BN caused bad feelings among ourselves. Y?

Where have our time gone to:
a)  education -  we went to a secular schools that preached money is the GOD/  we let our wives, daughters left the homes to work and get jobs and bring as much money as possible.  The more money we got daily, weekly, monthly and annually .. the stronger is our GOD. If our GOD is stronger, we can live much happily ever after.  That is our 'belief'.  Else we won't let go our 9 months pregnant wives and daughters to go out to get food.  Easy?  why -  it lies on our ultimate beliefs.  We say Allah is our GOD .. but we did not pray 5 times a day/  we left the recitation of Al Quran long long time ago.  We regarded Al Quraan as the fables of our ancestors.

b)  entertainment -  sports, computers and internet.  Gadgets , iPADs, iPODs, Samsung Galaxy III etc etc.  It gets newer every day. Our craziness .. never subside.

c) fashion and design

WE follow  blindly .. what the westerners wear/  if they do not wear anything .. so does our girls .. IF they wear as tight as possible (their dresses) ..then our muslims children follow suit.  IF they go ..into the holes of the worms .. then we muslims push pushing each one of us ..to go into the tunnels of the WORMS>  blindly.

d) purchasing cars, houses, estates, plantations one after the other

e)  fought each other/  the fathers kill their sons and daughters;  and the children killed their parents .. for what?  Yes .. for an asset left behind after the death of the parents/   grand parents etc etce.

That is how low we have gone into.  WE lost the respect of the other human kinds.

f)  sex, abortion, free mixing between woman and man

If this is the case . we are just like animals.  As animals ..we do not feel any shame to indulge in lewd activities like prostitutions etc etc.

See my readers.

Astagh firullah.

Al Fatihah

Let us do taubah (solid repentance)  for all these sins.

Go dakwah, retrain ourselves, our children, our families .. retrain to think in Islam, to act as muslims, we live together peacefullu ..  and Allah will convert the sins into good deeds.  Allah Akbar! Allah can do anything.

Now I begin to see .. why ulamas of yester years ..didn't want the position of a mufti like Malik bin Dinar rahhmatuh. alai hihh..  but today ..  most people want the post and other bigg post(s)  at all cost.

Wallahu aklam.



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