Seeking happiness

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Salam/  peace be upon you my readers

Every soul wants happiness.  We cannot get happiness by buying this in a famous shopping mall in Japan, Korea or Shanghai.  Why?

Happiness is not tangible.  You cannot get a kilogram of happiness in street 1, another kilogram from street 2 etc . etc .  Happiness is guaranteed by the Al Mighty God known as Allah (the creator of all creations).  By remembering HIM, one can get the real happiness.  (Al Quraan, Surah Yusoff , line # ... ).

At this point let me elaborate .  Let us categorize happiness into 2 kinds.  One temporary one and the other the permanent one (eternal).  After happiness , there comes peace and solitude.

Point 1 -  temporary happiness.

this is easily obtained by mankind and animals too.  If your child is crying for 3 minutes , and you supply this with some milk .. the cry stop because the baby is happy sucking the milk from  the mother and / or bottle(s).  Once the milk stop , the child will cry again.  This is a form of temporary happiness.  Similar is to a group of employees in India.  Today they demanded for a pay rise, then once the pay rise comes .. they will be quiet for sometime (absorbed  thinking what to do next with the extra pay etc etc ..)  but once inflation rate gets higher and higher ...  and the pay rise cannot sustain the inflationary rate .. the workers will strike and started to demand more and more pay.  So is this happiness?  Actually most men on this earth is subjected to this kind of happiness.  Come may marriage, popularity, promotion towards Prime Minister , President etc etc .. all these Allah defined them as temporary happiness.  This is temporary because it did not last long for ever.  In fact some of these happiness can stay ON from a mere minute in time to 5 years (if you are elected as the Prime Minister of Malaysia).

So where is the true happinness?

Point 2 -  permanent happiness

this kind of happiness is not associated to (one to one, ONTO) to any material gains etc etc.  It comes directly from Allah by obeying his commandments, stay away from SINS ( fornications, slander, bad mouthing, bribery, gambling, taking of wines, tengok nasib ) and eager to practise the livestyles of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.

What are the live styles of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) .. He stead fasted in his 5 times daily solat / prayers, fasting 1 whole month in Ramadhan, taking care of manners and etiquette , good manners while interacting with the human and animal kinds, doing (dakwah) propagation of Islam throughout the far corners of the earth 24/7,  taking care of your beloved family wife and children and taking heed seriously to your daily jobs as agreed by both parties the employer and employees.  Love your mother (parents) and take good care of your relationship between your relatives.  Giving alms (charity) is a part of his life.  Do zikirullah (solid remembrance of Allah ) 24/7 by  Saying Subhanallah, Alhamdulilah and Allahu Akbar.

Insya allah by focusing on the point 2 , point 1 will come naturally.  Once point 2 is obtained ,  point 1 easily fits in into your life  ( point 1 is the sub set of point 2)  and  we will get happiness as prescribed by Allah.  Period!  without that , you will lose sleep, you eat kilograms of rice and chickens  but you won't taste the rice as good as before, you take bath but your body didn't feel the coolness as appeciated by those indians at the Ganges river , you sleep in an expensive room RM100,000 per night but God didn't give you any sleep as obtained by those poor ones who manage to sleep freely between the busiest road in Karachi, Pakistan under the hot sun etc etc.  You have a wife / wives but you did not gain any respect from her / them in spite of you being the richest man on earth and you keep to  pour all kinds of goods to her as promised by your weaker lips(mouth ) in order to please her/ them.  If you lose the respect from her, where  is  your happiness then?  Zero, right?

Wallah hu aklam.  ( God knows best).  


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