Cabarannnnnn konon

Posted by sazali


Just sharing ok?

No intention to hurt any one what more my brilliant students once upon a time.

3 D jobs.
Dirty, dangerous and difficult jobs.

Well what to say?

I send my girls to top schools in Malaysia.
I spent a million  ringgit to raise them up from powder milk, pins .. up to McIntosh, driving a car in her university b4 graduation.

The sxxpid  ministers wanted my girls to work as cleaners next to
Deep dangerous  terrains?

What ..the pay is only rm900 a month?

He he he ..better she go and bomb that man/ lady who knew what so evrr the mongolian lady.

RM900 is Rm30 per day. Rm1.50 an hour for graduate who had spent their lives learning trigo, Newtons Laws, hydrodynamic, internet programming, .., marketing, economics, english, HOTS, electronic, ergonomics
 And now ..out of nowhere .. this najib era ..they are
Carrying stones and bricks up to 50th floor under the scorching heat?
Common minister. Where your brain hah? Do you put somewhere  your lutut?

I think u have been reading too many kitabs about ..someone going to heaven 53 years non stop.

Wake up!

My girl and her friends ..all fair skin. Dahi all licin. Their noses like Bollywood stars except that the eyes a bit sepet , bottom ? He he he good as the others ..what and now

u expect them to mingle with your imported 1.5 million sub indian workers day in and day out in the selangor palm oil plantations?

S€it on you!

those 4 malay professionals got killed near Banting, burnt like charcoals .. what did u ministers do to protect us ..malays? Where ur batu man

I think you had lost any desire (nafsu) on females more than 20 years right?. What a waste!

Wush underperform tool for all that long wonder you dare to dish those stupid challenge.

i think u blind.
70 to 80 percent graduates are females now. Including my girl.

More than half of herbprofessors and lecturers + teachers are females.
u expect them to mix and work with the imported workers?

U must have a heart  harder than a rock near Uhud.

Imagine ur 23 year old beautiful girl got killed crushing from 50th floor after being blown away by the wind with rm30 in her small palms. U got no pity you?

RM1.50  per hour job including walking, sleeping, getting ready for the 3D jobs early hours  24 hours daily ..u wont dare to give  your own beloved daughters to the toke .. i suppose.

if u love your girls, so do we a simple rakyat that had voted to represent us in the parliament.

Speak wisely ..minister.
Get ur brain higher up towards ur eyes.

U wise. ALL the rakyat think better.
U stupid. But not us.

Get ready ..2018 then

You will know what rakyat will do to you Mr Minister. We wasted our votes on u.

No need tq.


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