Somebody versus Nobody

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Now a bit of English lesson.

If you go to a malay home in Parit Salleh, BP

You give a salam

If no answer.. you can try this

Knock, knock knock the doors
The wall of the house made of old wood.

And you may say ' Anybody

Soon, a nenek kebayan comes out.

Don't run away

She would say

Nobody home you know?

2)  You can scratch scratch ur head.
Haik are you not somebody now?

Nenek:  you must be joking

We are nobody here.

Jom let us run..

She might be the hantu. In english, hantu is  a ghost.

Run run run from umnor university.

That is the morale of the story.

Tun Mahathir ..after helping Malaysia for so many many years
He has turned ' nobody

Similar was Rafidah Aziz. After being Minister of  Trade & Industry
She  has turned nobody too.

Just because they retired from the government, suddenly powerful people becomes as nobody.
So is it worth to die for this government?

This is a great message to each one of us.

So be prepared to see yourself as somebody with power now ......all reduced to
Nobody... once you left the service.
Full stop.  Remember that.  It is just temporary.

lesson ends here.


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