why sad?

Posted by sazali


There are too many sad stories.

According to the book of ....., being sad would not bring us anywhere.

Here something to ponder

1.  Too many beggars. Imported beggars.
They beg with their small kids in Pudu Raya, Jelutong, Glugor and Johor Baharu.
Sad stories. The babies are crying. More coins pouring.

2.  Talking about mums. The importance of taking care of them.
At the end, sad story about Tanggang, her mother and his favourite fish.
So sad. Tanggang became stone.

3. Somebody stole millions of ringgit. The public complained.  The police tried hard to solve. But the case has closed.
At the end, so sad story.

4.  Love stories. The man so poor. The girls so beautiful. The boy from kampung. The girls from Bukit Antarabangsa.
At the end , sad story ...the man took poison. Good songs but what is the point.

5. In the kitabs, so much sad endings.

As a result, we become weak.
Yesterday we were weak. Today weaker. Tomorrow ..much more weak.

We cannot invent better cars because our lives is full of crying, sad and bitter feeling. We sell cars in the hope the locals would buy our things. Limited market. Expansion dead.

We cannot write well because our model essays end with sadness.

Gloom every where. Bitter here and there.

We cannot sell well because our sentences ended with ..sad things such ..what to do? That is all I can do. This is our small effort. Hope you can help us.

I think we need a big overhaul.
In many things, we need changes. To change is good. If our town is always flooding, we must move to higher grounds. Else ..you are so stupid swimming in the flood. Man has brain. Why not use them? Thinking is the greatest blessings.

Then we proceed better. We change to make better livings. Look at the syrians. Look at the rohingyas. Look at the Bangladeshis. They moved, to make better things.

Stop being sad.

Not worth at this point in time.
We need to be strong.
Compete with tougher people.
Being weak, we gonna be eaten by others.

Being weak, we are cheated in the day and night.
Sometimes, beiing weak ..we look damn stupid.
If we are weak, our leader is also weak. Our police also weak.
Even though we bought many things, we cannot maintain most things. Why? Weaker brains and of course limited skills.
Being weak we become complacent. A plane that flew over our head, we did not  know it was up there. Why? Weak eyes and and just blind.
Why can"t we talk about better things.
We start our bisness with Rm1000.00.  After ten years  OUR asset RM 1,000,000,000.00 and we got international network.

good isn't it? Our business in England.

we did not study much, but bini C.E.O  somewhere.
what is wrong with that?

and many more interrsting things.
Be happy. Work more.
STOP talking about weak things. Our wives do not like their man to be weak all the times.


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