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Hypocrite is someone who declares he is muslim but his actions imitates those the disbelievers like Abu Jahal, Firaun, Abu Lahab (laknatullah)  and ..many more.

In the big kitab

Hypocrite will be treated very specifically by the AlMighty Allah.
I heard my ustaz from Besut told me

They will be parked at the lowest point in hell where the top most .. I heard the uncle of the Prophet Muhammad s.a.w.  would just wear a 'terompah' in hell in which the fire will boil his liquid in the brain for ever and ever.

The small drop of fire in hell is 70 times more painful than any of the blueish fire in this world.

Wallahu aklam.  Just to remind myself.  Stay away from killing someone, stay away from lying, back biting, 1001 pretendings, corrupt practises, gambling, fornication etc etc.  Refer to the Al Qurann as big sins.



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