Lessons learnt

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Looking at the scenario in Malaysia, lately

I learnt THREE(3) things today. Pardon me.

First,  difficult to beat UMNO.

They got all the powers to stay on top all the time. Imagine, for election, our PM can ask for donation.  Not RM 1 million boy but RM2.6 billion.

How ikan bilis political party can beat someone with RM2.6 billion in any election?


Sabah n Sarawak their fixed deposit already.  If they can make those people happy, they can rule this country all the time starting 1957 to 3030, I think.

They can buy many people.  If they can't, ..  they can do many other things. I heard foreigners can also vote for them with IC and many sweet promises.

The police, army , teachers are already on their side. All the time. 440,000 in total government staff. If you support them, you can go up the rank. Insyallah.  When you go up, your pay increases.  As simple as that.  Why lawan boy?
those who fought, they suffered tremendously. One got jailed. One got sacked and many more sufferers.  Pity to those who fight against the tide.

Second, as long as you are in the government aged 25 - 60..  you are somebody.  People respect you all the time ..see Tun Mahathir .. but once you retire, you become nobody. Instantly!  Syukur a lot. Thanks.  If you syukur , Allah will multiply more rewards.  Just follow your leaders.  You pray, they also pray ma.

You go Mecca once, they go there many times.  Any time. Lo from the law of probability, their doa will be accepted more and more by Allah because they are guests of God.

Our doa?  Difficult. We went there once in a life time. One from 18000 invited guests in the eyes of Allah.

Tun Mahathir can tell you this.
Tan Sri Rafidah Aziz can tell you more about this.
tan Sri Musa Hitam can tell you most.

the beauty after retirement , you can bark at them ..and nobody cares. Ask Menteri Pelancongan.

I laugh being a nobody now.

Third is, most importantly, my children can see clearly.. some people are fighting for power. Why? Many benefits from power. You are now instant billionaire. Your families will get direct benefit from this. Travelling all over the world and of course you mix with presidents, actors and actresses. You eat better food and you look soooooo clever and nice. You can get power without knowing much about economic, finance, technology , language n what not kind of degrees.

How about accountability?

Dont worry. That is only theory. Practising is very much different.

Taqwa?  Meant for parrots only. I am afraid to say that my child.
Swearing? Oath in the name of Allah? Ask them lah ...  do they know who Allah is.
are they not afraid with hell fire? Bring the mufti , religious and dakwah people to see the powerful man. Measure their effort. Does it work?

You get what i mean my child? We are just actors and actresses only. Melayu is islam and islam is paradise. Strange, right?

Tq, Teachers. syukur  .i learnt something here today. At least that is a small nikmat we are learning something.



  1. suziana mohd tahir said...

    Be somebody in the eyes of Allah, even if you are nobody in the eyes of people.
    Love is.....when you put Allah and Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h above all else.
    Terima kasih tuan kerana telah membuka mata hati kami...

  2. sazali said...

    TQ so much. As long as we live, it is good to contribute something sincerely. Law of probability says ..the more you write or comment ..who knows ..out of so many suddenly there is one sincere sentence, comment that would be a big investment for us in the field of mahshar. Allahu Akbar! accept this Ya Robbb. Ameen. tq ustazah.

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