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I write for sharing.
I write to share my ideas and experience mainly to my own students -  once upon a time in the schools, polytechnic and university.  But God is great.  HE ticks the hearts of my students to recommend to their friends from other universities and countries to read my humble writings. From there, many things have happened.

However, from my observation, I found out two important things:

firstly.  my students like to read simple stories such as Manners 1, Adab 1 to 4 and many more

secondly.  if we write something well , our writings will be referred by others regardless of nationality or religion.  One of my writings entitled 'jangan takut anakku .. ' remains top of the list among my writings since 2012 .. and knowing that .. i would like to express my deepest gratitude to my  Ph.d supervisors who had guided me.

Next comes my writing entitled 'tips menjadi guru cemerlang'.  This is for those teachers at schools including my two girls.  If we do our work well, insya allah this becomes ibadat.

Thank you again.

and Thank you to all my ex-students and friends all over the world who have given me a lot of encouragement in this blog ' inner voice from my dad's heart'.

Keep writing well , shall we?


Wallahu aklam.


  1. Kriptonium said...

    Dari suara hati seorang AYAH dan GURU

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