making you happy

Posted by sazali


Science suggested us to do few things to make ourselves happier

#  journal your good activities each day

Such as visiting your mum, aunties, uncles

Buying clothes your dad loves

Buying expensive shoes for your working daddy

Next ##  treat strangers to a nice drink or meals

In Malaysia, you can find many tourists.
Just walk to a stall, look around for strangers and tell them

All you eat is on me. Ok?

### drink coffee to make you destress

## say good things to your siblings

Examples.  Hi boys. Wake up. I send you today to thr local library, muzuem and/or stadium.
Dont worry. I pay the football tickets tonight.

Daddy i am sending you to London this time. Is it ok dad?
You want or not?

He he he.

I think thats all i want to share.
If you are happy. I am happy. The whole world will be much happier now.

Thank you.



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