Feeling good

Posted by sazali


One is feeling good when he has 2 things.

First is health.

Second is some money. He he he.

2) sorry i dont list out so many things this time round.

You know why?

The answer is so simple. People got bored reading so many things. Just ask top officer. They only read the summary of so many events. That is why, their tables so neat and clean. They dont read much either.  Example ... he he he. The C.E.O. he is only interested to know one thing. Are we in business today?

I.G.P is another one. His concern is ..should we get him or not? Jail him? Are we sure we can win in prosecuting him?

Most of the readings are done by young and middle officers. Full stop. So what does these top guns do the rest of the day? Well i am NOT sure, really? I heard IGP just play his gadget only the rest of the day. ( laugh).

If you wanted to see who reads the most per day ..ask the Phd student in social sciences like economics in UKM or other arab countries.   Try?  many hours spent translating .. I heard that from my friends in UKM.  O ..don't forget this ..

Money brings people. Just see the next few months in Malaysia. So many Bangla coming here in drove.

When people come, you have friends.
You busy yourself in knowing their history, background and many more.  One day,
If they commit crime , you jail them.
If they are too sick, you hospitalized them.
If they put empty cups, you fill them up with coins.
So don't worry.
 Money brings money.  RM3000 per Bangla head!  ( processing fee).
You would have so many things to do.

Once you are tired, just sleep. Will you?

think that is it for now.  Al Fatihah.

Happy new day.
Happy you.


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