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According to a journal on medicine few hours ago from America

It says

More is better than less
And anything is better than nothing.

It refers to physical activities especially senior citizens.

In short you better

Run a bit here and there, 10 minutes morning and 10 minutes evening.
If you cannot run alone, bring your partner along.

20 minutes a day bring you wonder.
It increases your life a bit more than those

Who just eat, drink , smoke and sleep.

If you dont like running..

U can walk a small hill like Penang Hill.
Try? If it is too expensive, try walking around U.S.M,
it is quite hilly you know as compared to U.T.H.M u try harder mannnnn.


The research says .. quit smoking and drinking.

Well i just write.
It is all up to you and me.
o yes ..i just add this. Never quarrel with your partner. If you cannot stand her nagging you,
buy a partition ...a wooden one will do...try sleeping alone, can you? In my humble opinion, if both of you are above 60..just smile and do nothing with her nagging.

she follows that ...better more than less, better anything she likes rather than nothing.
See? Nothing from her today. Nothing from her tomorrow. Nothing .,nothing ...nothing.. ( the partition so quiteeeee )
may be she has left you man. Check plz? Hu hu hu.

he he he...  u.t.h.m  u too hotttt man?

Wallahu aklam ( God knows best)

U.s.m   u simple man?


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