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Today is Feb 22 2016.

Imagine you go and check your health status with a  hospital of well known reputation.

After spending the whole day there, you got a report ..

you are going to have 5 days left .. your heart is in very bad shape.  It can blow up anytime within this 5 days.  What would you feel?

2) So starting with today, you have about 4 - 5 more days to enjoy your life.

What are you going to do?

2.1  tell to your friends .. you are going off for good
2.2  tell your banks to restructure your bank loan
2.3  tell your beloved wife and children ..what the doctor told you just now.

So 4 - 5 days is called your remaining time left with everyone / friends and enemies.

3) if ..

you have missed your wife for many weeks and months because she in Australia and you are dying in Malaysia .. ..perhaps //this 4 - 5 days are the remaining days that you are going to sort out some important scores ..He..he..he..

Good luck young man!

if ..

you missed so many lectures with your students .. because you are the famous Head of Department who loves to do last minute meetings all these while..  uthm .universiti  tak habih habih meetings//  hari sabtu ahad pun ganti kuliah

this remaining time .. is the time left to cover up so many theories, laboratories, presentations, marking of assignments .. and many more things. You hate people talk bad about you.

imagine you have 500 students ..and you gave them 3 assignments .. with 3 questions each.

So your homework of marking the assignments are 500 * 3 * 3 = 4500 questions.

My God are you going to mark those assignments?  God only give you 20 fingers all this while. Which one to hold the 'red' pen ..and which one to use 'the blue' pen / the green pen? ..  and many more pens in entering the marks.

In the meantime,

first your wife needs you..  she is shouting now and then. Are you coming for dinner yet?
second your only child .. he wanted you to come to his first football game with MRSM PC  First XI.
third, the banks are running after you ..for u had missed some payments already

fourth ,  you looked so poorly.  You need more food into your system.

So this remaining time must eat a lot .. day and night ..

Bummmm ..bummmmm ..some body knocking your wooden door.

More meetings Prof.
More reports to make Doc.
VC wanted to see you Doc.  That boy Riyadh .. making a fuss about you lah.

Soon you have little more time and energy left to fight with the Australian lady (look up there).

You cannot move. You cannot even lift a little spoon.

You cannot even chase the small mosquito ..laying its eggs on your face.

See?  fully exhausted.

4) if we all know our time of death ..

we will die much faster, I think.

That is the beauty why Allah does not let you know that important expiry date on each one of us.

HE wanted us to enjoy every minute that we have ..and then ..  off you go.

Lucky indeed for those who go ..with their full body intact.
Luckier is the one .. whose face ..everybody knows ..the body is you and the
Luckiest .. is the one who dies where Allah is please with you. Hutang nil,  marah by others nil,  markah serah sudah FSKTM..all NIL.

People talk only many nice things about you that day.  RIP my dear?


Al Fatihah to our ownselves now, shall we?

The morale of the story is ... don't wait. If you have good things to do,  please do it now.
Say you want to go dakwah IPB (India, Pakistan and Bangladesh) ...please go.  Four months you say?
If you want to see your old mum Kelantan better go.  Else would be too late. She just got 2 more days left.
If you want to be nice to your only wife it right away. Talk nice to her. Brush your teeth first. do .. you still got your teeth ..young man?

Enjoy your life ..but remember ..all these good things will be asked by the ALMIGHTY ALLAH



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