Feeling bad

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We felt bad that day because

*  short changed.

We gave them 1 acre of land, they constructed 3 rows of double story houses.
One block has 13 houses each.
We got 3 houses only.  Short change ok?

** most graduates unemployed from 2013 to 2015 especially girls, ladies

out of the blue .. this government plans to bring planes after planes of Bangladesh workers with the name that sounds so melayu .. rafiq, sidek, rozak, ahmed, ...  destination  sabah and serawak. Verdict:  the government will win again and again with their hands at their back.
PRU 14

must be prawns behind the stones ..this one heh?

*  we wrote so well yet .. our SV declared they were so disjointed.

** we bought all the stuff , after eating .. all the family members were down with food poisoning

## the teacher has prepared his lesson well that day.  Yet the class came late and ill prepared.
the teacher asked: why late?

The students replied:  a researcher from Umno Universiti came to interview us.


* we stop a taxi with all our hands up in the air (showing we need you taxi).  It did not stop

but few meters away .. a Eurosian lady ..  without any sign of hiring a taxi .. the taxi man stop , open its door and bang .. it left us melayu .  wHITE eyes ?  Why?  the driver not from here abang.


Malaysia has changed a lot.

Next time I will write why the changes happeng




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