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I like to make doa. In English, it is called prayer.

When I want to get married, i pray the woman I am marrying is a good one.
After marriage, let there be children. Why? Good to walk with my children here s
And there.

When i was about to do PhD , i pray also

Let me be successful like the rest of my friends - professors and Dr.
If i fail, what am i going to tell.

Is it because i am weak.
Is it because of my English?

When i play games like soccer,  i prayed we shall beat the Hong Kong boys.
Results. We always win.
When we did that, we gained some respect.
Many Hong Kong boys helped me in programming and maths.

2)  strange. Suddenly after graduation ..I noticed

Few things.

In the kitab, it says 1,000,000 times ..

Zalim people if they treated somebody badly,

That man can pray. His doa will be accepted.
But we learnt he is in jail somewhere.

His family had suffered.
His wife so brave but she missed his husband..
The wife prayed. The jailed man also prayed.
But he is still in the jail.
Why no results ..such as he was set free again?

Is it because his doa is weak?

The rakyat is in difficulty.
The melayu is now in difficult situations now..
The chinese too.
The indians too.
All make doa. One using arabic.
One using chinese and one using Hindi.
But we are still in hardship.
What happen to our doa?
Has it gone useless?

Some people said ..when doa ..better in arabic.
So i ask my girl to recite doa in arabic.
I just listen n say ..ameen. ameen.

Result. She did not get any sponsorship.
Why? All a's   upsr, pmr, spm ..

Baskets of A's

But still no scholarship.
Why? What happen doa in arabic?

Is it because we are not pure arabs or our noses not sharp and long enough?

I check the arabs.
Poor arabs.
Poor palestinians.
Using arabic to do doa.
Ameen. Ameen. Ameen.

Nothing much happen.
I saw more planes came with destructions.
They bombed and killed us ..doa or without doa..
We all die.

The question is  ....our food, not halal?

My god.
Many possibilities.

But most probably, we have weaker faith nowadays.

We believe less.
We think less about HIM.
our iman gone less and weaker.Collectively we failrd to pull the help of god.

if we assemble all muftis, alimms, tahfiz, dai, ..good teachers all over the world

put them in front of kaabah

in the last 10 nights  of ramadhan

lai latul qadar

do u think we have any chance?

what chance?
He he he..

WE Wanted him exit from the jail.
we wanted the P.M come down the takhta and let some one else taking take of this country.
We wanted our country more beautiful.
the police?
SHOOT the useless and corrupted cops.
why waste time with laws?
Blood blood.


Well something ..wwe need to change a lot.
Else we are all laughing ..

may be SYAITAN and Iblis .. why are you so foolish?
why must u act being so foolish?

did u get what i mean?

blind me?

Astagh firullah 10 times plz.


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