we wanted to be everything actually

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After 1980s, our education system produced lack luster students.
Do you know why?

#  misplaced teachers. A maths teacher handling history while ..english graduates teaching maths.

## next, the government wanted everything out of us

January ...they wanted us becoming scientists, engineers and few Steve Jobs

April .. they wanted us to be the best sportmen in Asia. Many sports meet took place and this was translated into house practises and so on, the schools had turned into mini stadiums.

JULY .. they put so many values into our syllabus and curriculum..
History got trustworthiness
Geography got sincerity
Science got punctuality
Mathematics demands cleanliness

SEPT .. integrated curriculum..secular plus religion. Here HOTS, STEM came. Everybody was busy. My teachers hardly smile.

Oct .. headmasters speech looks like a religious talk. He talked about sincerity and dedication. Sometimes his talk was so long ...we missed our second period that day.

And come November .. the students got confused. Some questions touched on things we never heard one from our teachers. Few knew it from tuition centres and workshops by Sunny Lee.

He..he..he..a simple story. Many candidates could not answer so well.
We wanted our students to be everything. Tom mahu, Jerry pun mahu. Adushh
Sorry parents.


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