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Malaysia is very famous for uttering these words

World class

First class

Top student

and many more.

2)  I think i have heard these for the last 50 years.
What do they mean, really?

2.1 world class

Why should we kill ourselves with things so difficult to get and maintain.

For example, world class university,
World class professore and many more.
All these for what huh?
We are not proud with ourselves n our own products.
Very strange.

2.2  first class

First class about what?
No jobs. What is the use of this first class?

2.3 top student

Many top students wanted to study overseas.
Upon graduation, many prefer to stay back in London, New York and Sydney.
Why is that so?

Ironically, some of them came home and get unemployed.
Better be a polytechnic grsduate, aftdr study they already earn some money and start new families.

Being top all the time is not good, I think.
You put hard things on yourself only.
Try relax a bit. A longer life waiting for you.

SOME top students came home and work with foreign firms n industries.
Thinking about this, why not they open their own industries?

May be they did not have time to think working by themselves. MARA sent many students overseas. At the end, MARA see their sons earning pea nuts bananas only in electrical n electronic industries. Huh!
They were busy doing for others only.

What a waste?

NOW STEM and Science stream. They are debating how to attract enough technicians, engineers n scientists.

very difficult. We lost to cheap labour from oversess.

Soon if we are not careful, thr only job we can see is ..

driving taxis.

In short,
be simple. It is much better. Study Arts good, study human sciences better n studying Al Quraan n Hadith the best of all.

as long new babies come or old men dying, the malays need imam, bilal and religious people.

Full stop.


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