Feeling so stupid

Posted by sazali


There are times we feel great and there are times we feel stupid.

When do you feel great?
He he he.
First, i came home with children made in Great Britain and second ..read on you ..

i like to play football in the english parks in Grantham and Leeds in the mid 70s.  One of the tricks i learnt was beating the defenders by letting pass the ball through the english legs and then i scored the goals again and again. Bragging happened after that. (Laugh).

When do one feel so stupid? He he he.

Ok ok ok. I let you know now. Pardon me.

I got few friends ..they  went abroad. Of course they went to study.
Great travels and of course many pictures. Oops Instantgram not there yet.
But they came back empty handed except few golf sticks, boxes of cutleries and old british cars.

but they said don't worry.
Time moves.

Suddenly they were promoted to be this and that in the ministry.
We went to see the organisation chart.

Yes ..they are so far ahead then the others who passed their masters and Phds both from the local universities and overseas.

Wush ...we talked about this for days, weeks and now.
what is the government trying to show? Yes. Great brains are meant to be slaves and ..
This where it begins. We cannot compete. How come we let leaders who failed to be at the top ... How to conquer halal food industries like this ? He he he.

In sum we felt so stupid. That is all, dear for today.




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