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As human being, we always feel we are having less than the others. That is why ..we think the other side is much greener.

Today let me share few points about manners. Yes good manners.

Firstly about borrowing something from others.

1. When you borrow somebody's book, magazine ...please return them.

if you take the book in good shape, plz return the book in that shape too.
After returning, say something nice .. tq boss. The book is really good.
Secondly about making empty promises.

We like to make promises. No matter what day, we make promises.
Mostly they put insya allah. If god is willing.

But unfortunately, many did not keep to the promise.

If we promise some one to marry her .. get married to her as soon as you can.

Don't let her wait because waiting is killing especially holidays are the best time to get married, eat and fun.

If you promise to pay your debt, plz pay back as promised.

Don't let your friend keep on asking.
By the way that money is his, her's or their's. Not your's ok?

After paying, say something nice. Thank you Sir.

May god gives you more all the days to come.  NIcer thing  is .. give some extra.  Why?  Check the Bank Negara .. malaysian ringgit is getting cheaper against the USD/ STERLING POUND.

3) if you go to some one's house especially GF .. put on good clothes.
your clothings tells a lot about you.  Check your hair.

you are educated.
you are rich.
you are awesome.
many things nice about you.

but plz talk nicely to the host.
never say bad things about him in his castle.

Say things like this have  good eyes. Your langsir so nice.
your library looks so complete. Congratulation.

Your taste so good. Got everything here on the table.  Grapes got.  Apples got but ..why is this belachan (malaysian cadbuly) ?

Thank you sir. Your mem's food is really fantastic.
You are very lucky sir.

Got to go now sir.
Thank you so much 4 inviting us.

That's all for today.  Laughing is good for living souls like you and me.




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