When to work

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If you are alive , better work.

By working as a teacher you can help your old parents, families and many more people around you.
If you open a shop selling bundle . you can help many people too.
If you work for others, you can help many others too.

The point is ..we must work some how or another.

2) Last time the man works. So he thinks a lot about his beloved wife and children.

Soon both partners work, they both think collectively on many things.  Of course they think wider, deeper than that man who is working all alone by himself.

Sooner the man lost his job.  Say MAS Malaysia. Many has gone jobless. So the woman has to think like this ..  fikir anak laki.  Last time, 50 - 500 years ago, we used anak anak bini.

anak laki =  my children, my husband jobless
anak anak bini =  my children and my wife who has not been working from day 1

Soonest, both are jobless.  The man lost his job.  The lady was not needed any more by her factory.  Why?  the factory employs cheaper labour from overseas. That was what I was told by the Minister.

So who thinks for whom now?

Strange right?  We are right here when so many people has gone unemployed.

Many years ago, the economy was good.
Before I finish my study, there were so many jobs waiting for me.
It was a matter of choosing which is suitable for you.  That was all.

Now, the world is mad.
Local graduates can not get any job.
Oversea graduates .. no job too.

3) Many theories were put forward. Theory 1 say ..  Malaysia has lost her edge.
Theory 2 says .. the ministers are getting so stupid.
Theory 3 says ..many more but I better do not dwell on them so long.

During all these theories, many good men lost their jobs ..
and during this time, rotten people got better jobs.  Some are paid so well which is beyond my comprehension.  They said it is their rezeki.  Silently, their children getting richer and richer too and this is again  Beyond my understanding.  Many people said their rezeki aagain.

Honest teachers get RM 200 per day.  Each month, he brings home RM6000.00. After some transactions and few visits to the bank , on the second day his balance .. is just RM54 only.  Now he looks at the sky.  Where are you tuhan?
So little as compared to some one who got RM2 millions out of no where.  Rezeki , they said!  After few more days with lots of flying here and there .. from simple logic ..after spending in big bigger and biggest city on earth .. their RM2 million could go down to RM2000 in the banks. I suppose.  But no ..no ..no ...he checked .. RM2.6 billion in his account.  His eyes did not move at all.  He did not say he was surprise nor did he said he was a bit excited.

Where is the mathematics?
+++ ---------------  + ------- now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ..

oh yes .. he said 'donation'.

My GOd.  He must have used a special doa to catch this billion of RM in his account.  Another rezeki.  Common tuhan.

He kept looking at the bank balance.  Surprisingly , he told his assistant who came out of no where .my god ..who body smell a bit woody, ..  you won;t believe me lah ..udin

we can spend until we drop dead old man.

But the story was short.  His assistant was sacked just because .. he was extremely surprised to learn there is that figure RM2, 600,000,000,000.00
my god.

And many stories was explained here and there.  The irony is ..  another Kelantan man came.  He was appointed to save that 'rezeki' man.

So .. this simple kelatan man .. since he also was a bit confused, some more puzzled with all the diagrams, charts, bank balances , projection , extrapolations and lots of tipu .. the people say in the mamak stalls ..

he just woke up one day and say ..don't worry police.  It looks so OK to me lah.  He flashed all the diagrams to prove he had understood all the diagrams and no what.

So the end of the story.


At this point of my life, we saw .. many brillieant men look so confused.
Who to believe now?

That Tun 90,91 , Dato' from Pagoh, ABI, arwah TGNA or graduates from Univ Umnorrrr?

Quite a great story to be put into film .. and shown in front of Kaabah.  The house of my Lord.

I don't know so much .. but I believe ..all of us will die. Now, later, tonight or tomorrow.

We can say this and that.

But don't forget ..  Allah can catch us and dump us in hell.

That is all I want to tell ..my children.
Live simply, we die simply, and insya allah we enter paradise with little questions asked.
This is iman.  Believe in the unseens.

Allahu akbar.  La ila ha ila llahhhhh muhamad dur rasullullah.

Help us tuhan.  If you want to take us ..  let us dia peacefully when you are happy with us and vice versa .. we are happy dying in your belief.



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