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Posted by sazali


If we reflected our time in Form 2 in the secondary schools ..

we must have met how to compute interest from a sum of money deposited in a bank.

the formula was   Interest =  principal * time * rate

the time is in years.

therefore if i gave you a month .. then you must convert time to be (1/12)

2)  99.9 percent of my degree students in this section forgot the above magic formula in their way to get a recurrence formula in Question 4 of the exam paper.

So sad/ so silly of you.  U missed 20 marks ..

thank you.



  1. sazali said...

    highest 89 marks;

  2. Kek Adelynn said...

    sir, according to the question, i thougt that the interest rate is updated monthly, where the question mentioned "...pays 6% compounded monthly". am i heading the right way?

  3. sazali said...

    please refer to pg 299 reference Susanna Epo 2012 Discrete Mathematics with Applications. tq.

  4. haruhikumiko said...
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  5. Anonymous said...

    i was reading that book the night before the exam, but i dont know why, in the exam hall i forgot everything =.=

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