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Dah selesai marking nearly 200 scripts maths exam papers.  Alhamdulilah!

BIT Year 1 group Session 2012/2013.  Majority  in zone B- and C+ .. 60's and 50's.  Alhamdulilah.

2)  Tomorrow or Monday I will try to double check  ..  whether the marking was properly adhered to from 11th Jan to 19th January. Then the next step is calling the SAS system to print out the graphs etc etc.  I think I usually get a normal distribution graph with the mean at grade C (50's).   Today I saw the graph for BIT1 .. there is 1 student at the peak and at the tail respectively.

the rest is around the mean 60's and 40's.  Dr Nureazi agrees with this trend in her algebra paper too.

3)  I think the maths was OK but when I looked at the english used in the answer scripts  by many students ..  I felt a bit disappointed.  Majority cannot write well .. the tenses , the argument logically.  Looking at the complaint by the industries .. I think I have to agree with what they say ..  our english inspite of more than 15 years exposure ..has so much to be desired.  Some spelling errors was absolutely awful.  Can't imagine so and so can be an I.T graduate.

With that .. I think I better pen off now.

See you .. next semester God Willing.

Wallahu aklam.


  1. pikir kool said...

    i believe that the goal of education is to cultivate the right knowledge and skill within the students. it should make the process of learning, something enjoyable.

    maths is not as tough or tricky as literature. it's quite straightforward. there's a clear distinction between right and wrong in shaa Allah.

    i hope u'd prepare the students with a lil' bit of metacognition for maths. like how to plan, monitor and check the process of generating a solution to a math problem. this can help them to become more aware of the process required to master the subject. it'd also help them to anticipate and evade careless errors.

    to improve their english, u could promote the usage of the language in ur maths class. ask them to write an interesting scenario of which a particular lesson can be applied in real life.

    for instance, if they've just learned graph theory, the real life scenario could be.. in finding the best way to visit friends during raya time. let them write the scenario and translate it into a math problem.

    then, ask them to check each others' scenarios. this way, they can learn from each other and it wouldn't add to ur workload. u could do it as part of a quiz. the exercise can increase their interest in maths. it can also help them to improve their english as well.

    who knows, maybe next semester most of them can get A or A-. having the majority getting B- and C+ is kinda disheartening don't u think?

  2. sazali said...

    TQ prof/ pikir kool/ tuan/puan yg dihormati.

    Itu belum dicampurkan dgn markah kerja kursus lagi. Apa saya tulis diatas blog itu hanya markah peperiksaan - 40% sahaja. Kerja kursus is 60 markah kesemuanya. Jika majoriti dapat 40/60 dalam kerja kursus then .. jika ditambahkan dengan markah kertas peperiksaan , let us say, ..then the average grade for this class could be in the range of

    40/60 + [(50/100) * 40] = 60 markah. Then most of them probably are in zone grade "B" and not zone grade "C". In summary .. this coursework marks can be the 'surviving factor' that make .. many students proceed to higher academic years. The magic is happening again. Grade tinggi ..may be ..tak tahu .. sangat ..why grade aku tinggi ini. This happens at UPSR, PMR and SPM levels. Brilliant, ain't it?

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