The exam marking begins

Posted by sazali


First of all, I would like to express my gratefulness to my 'pikir cool' for his/her great feedback or golden advise.  Thank you so much.  May God bless you.  My daughter is doing the istikharah prayers ..  deciding which is the best choice i.e., doing architecture, dentist and medic course after her SPM.  Thanks a lot.  As a dad, I will just follow her decision ..  May Allah helps her in this world and the here after.

Secondly, I got a present from my ex-student.  It is a Solusi magazine ..  I love its content ..especially the article on someone with a golden heart.  Thanks a lot ok?

Thirdly,  ..  I got so many things to do especially marking 200 exam scripts.  Target to submit the final marks and grade 400 pm Friday 17th January 2013.

Then i got few blessed jammah tabligh friends from England visiting me and my colleagues today and tomorrow.  I must entertain them no matter how busy I will be.  The anology is "..if we r in a very crowded / jammed underground train LRT ... and we find ourselves so ..  desperate for fresh air ..  suddenly while we are in the coach.. if we see our own son ..  coming into the coach .. we will do our best accomodate him.  Why?  because we love him so much ...similarly with the work of dakwah.  If we love Islam and Prophet Muhammad s.a.w . .. shouldn't we try our utmost best to entertain the work of Allah too ... in our short and temporary life?"

With that in mind, i will tread today's work as carefully as possible..insyallah.

Thanks again for the feedback, support and time to all   my blog readers who have have given me so far.

Wallahu aklam.


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