Tips to be happy in the university

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Everybody wants to be happy.  However there are some who are unhappy most of the time.  I do not know why ...  but here on Friday, I would like to share some tips to be happy from 2 resperctive angles.

1.  as a student

   a)  you must be properly qualified to undergo 4 year program i.e., soft skills, funds and academic.
Why?  if your grades are 'adjusted' then you will be in trouble since in the university - you are going to be expose to British and American programs.  Example:  to do engineering, the lecturers will teach you most of the syllabus as applied in Japan, India, South Korea, USA and UK.  Tragedically, most professors will teach things like what they were taught before in Imperial College London, Queen Mary  London and Leeds.

   b)  be healthy most of the time especially Monday to Friday.

 Try to be healthy by taking food at the proper food.  Lunch is at 100 noon and not 530 in the evening.  Dinner at 0700 pm and not 1130 pm at the mamak's stall.  Why?  if you practice bad food taking, you will soon get 'sembelit', 'buasir' and bengkak batu.  Plus take some exercises like cycling, climbing specially constructed walls and swimming pools.  When is the pool ready at Parit Raja?  I believe when you are young, you cannot be expected to stay indoor 24/7 like a 67 year old pensioner.  What say you?

   c)  try to be punctual for lectures

My British lecturers told me once, the first 10 minutes of everyb lecture is the most important one.  But unfortunately, majority of my students enter the lecture hall 15 to 30 minutes late.  Blind me?

   d)  try to mix well with the other students especially from other states.  My observation told me most kelantanese students like to stay together with kelantanese friends fro  Standard 1 , Form 5,  Diploma studies, degrees, marriage and their graves are just next to each other.  Happy ever after i suppose.  I am sure Tuan Guru Nik Aziz will encourage these students to know each one of their friends in Sabah and Sarawak too.  He..he..

2.  as a lecturer

You got to follow 7P.  Pengajaran, Pembelajaran, Penyelidikan, Penerbitan, Program kemasyarakatan, Penasihatan dan  ..tak ingatlah the last one.

But most importantly,  try not to bring political talks in the university for example pro-BN or pro-PAS.  He..he..  I think we should be fair ..if the teachers are too absolved in politics then our students will be absorbed too in euro football, Akademi Fantasia etc etc thus they forgot simple formula to compute Interest in the bank i.e., the product of principal, time and rate.

If we observe that ..then everyone will be happy ..  towards next week where we are going to get another third of 2011 bonus.  Alhamdulillah.  Please hold tight to the money please.  say NO to 1000 temptations and say Yes once to your beloved parents wishes to go for hajj.  If you do that .. I am sure Allah is going to smile at you and happiness comes like rain into your medium cost house.  Else ..if ..else //if ..  you will never feel contented most of your life.

Think that's all folks.

Wallahu aklam.


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