Why we forgot what we read last night ?

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Every man has a brain. This brain resides inside your head.  Every where you go you can see man with a head.  Have you seen anybody without his head?  (laugh).  Tell me plz?   From his brain , he has three kinds of memory ( Mohd Sazali and Helmi Adly, 2012). If you can manage your brain ..then there is a strong probability we will succeed as a student in Malaysia or other corners of the world regardless of what type of study you are embarking on.

2)  For short memory, .. , you cannot afford to read mathematics notes on the bed .. playing with your legs and listening to the music.  It is just like an empty cup of water.  The more you read 10 hours before the final paper ..  the more knowledge you have from the last 1 year or 1 semester .. will flow out from that cup of water.  The new water will replace the old water of knowledge.  With mathematics, u must have at least a steadler 2B pencil and a blank paper.  SCribbble something ..while reading .. because by writing ..you brain is working with lots and lots of wonders. When I was young , I scribbled something on the sand at the beach. It was full of maths equations.  Once the wave came, my brain said ...  a hhha?  (Subhanallah)

3)  For the long term memory , alas .. it will come out easily immediately after you walk out of the examination hall.  It came as powerful waves like Tsunami in Acheh.  When that happen ..you start to curse yourself ..with..how come I forgot this simple relationship between set A and set B.  How come I forgot that |A| is the cardinallity of set A with 3 elements in it.  Oh My God.  I wasted 4 marks from that ... that 4 marks could have put my grade into the "A" zone.  Oh my God ..so silly of me .

4)  For medium sort of memory ..  this you must control your time very well by doing things like this:

4.1  two days before the exam paper ..you worked all out with the test paper, assignment papers and quizzes for the last time.  Try to see the pattern stressed by the lecturers all throughout the sem

4.2  try the SChaums' Outline Series .. 1 day before exam. Or flip through some topics.

4.3  ten hours before the exam .. you must relax .. more and more.  Don't push yourself very hard ..

just pray .. you are going to be healthy tomorrow .. you can maintain some sort of anxiety ..and keep praying hard ..  you can understand reading the questions one after the other.  Control.  Don;t rush with the answers.

Just relax ..relax ..

You can do it ..my son/ daughter.

Read Bismillah , Tawakal tu alla llah ..  Allah Akbar!  Allah is the greatest.  If he can give food to the smallest creature in a big stone underneath 10000 years caves ..why can't he give you ideas , brave, patience in answering the maths questions .. He can help you .. trust in Allah.

Soon .. 2 weeks after the paper ... the news came out

YOU got "A"   man.



Walalhu aklam.

Mohd Sazali and Helmi Adly (2012).  Teaching and learning mathematics using CDiCL : making sense from computers through teamwork.  Parit Raja:  UTHM  Publisher/Penerbit.


  1. haruhikumiko said...

    haha, this is funny, but i am the one who forgot about what i just read that night, in the comment before, haha, but i'm not just read, i teach my friend also, thats why i think it is a weird situation, supposely we remember what we taught other people right? haha, but luckily i remember cardinality of A n i guess im not losing 4 marks.. haha, tq, im glad u shared this one Dr :)

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