the trend in mathematics performance

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When we were young, we easily scored maths with a full marks.  That came with the aids of our basic 10 fingers.

When we grew a bit older, our marks in maths started to decline ..say 70% at the age of 15 -  PMR exam in Malaysia.
Then time moved much faster ..  some of us scored badly in maths by getting 50% -  which is grade 5C/  6C at SPM GCE 'o' levels .

O yes , at this time ..we are using calculators to help us through.

Then in the polytechnics (MOHE) .with the help of more modern computers n gadgets .. our score in maths is not getting any better ..

why is this so?

The question is :

(i)  what has happened?
(ii) is the maths getting tougher and tougher or
(iii)  our brain is occupied with more things to settle or
(iv)  the teachers/ lecturers that we have are not doing things ..very right.


But mind you ...

we can learn many things .. from the internet i.e., watching lessons from the youtube etc. etc.

Have you heard shallow learning?
Is the gadgets create learning at the shallow level .. since our brains are attending to so many things at the same time.

Examples :  we are listening to 3x3  matrix lessons from the you tube .. and sometimes our friends passed sms -  have you eaten Samad?

when r we going out  , Samad?

Well i do not know all the answers ..but ..  i think we r not so focus like what we did with our 10 fingers ..many years ago.  Am I right?

Wallahu aklam.  p/s:  jom bacalah surah al-mulk n alif lam mim sajdah  - amalan para para sahabat nabi sebelum masuk tidur.  Depa tidur dgn buah tasbih ..  diperbuat dari buah tamar yg kering.  Our hands?  we hold fast .. our expensive handsets ...  what a difference we have become//


  1. izzati fadzil said...

    salam,,macam mane nak selesaikan masalah matematik yg ini?Diberi f'(x)=3+2x-x2,dapatkan f(x) yangmelaluititik(3,5)

  2. pikir kool said...

    f'(x) = 3 + 2x - x^2

    kena kamirkan persamaan ni, untuk dapat f(x)

    f(x) = 3x + x^2 - x^3/3 + C

    kemudian, masukkan nilai (3, 5) iaitu x=3, y=5 ke dalam persamaan.

    f(x) = 3x + x^2 - x^3/3 + C
    5 = 3(3) + (3)^2 - (3)^3/3 + C
    5 = 9 + 9 - 9 + C
    C = -4

    f(x) = 3x + x^2 - x^3/3 + C
    f(x) = 3x + x^2 - x^3/3 - 4

    tgh prepare utk paper ape?

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