rasa happy lagi

Posted by sazali


when we wake up daily , don't you feel happy?

why?  because Allah gives you another chance to live in this dunia for more activities to get food etc for your family.  Every single activity meant for Allah's sake ..is called ibadat hatta ..  mencari jodoh pun satu ibadat.

Today i was asked to write a report about Qatar visit last 2 months ago.  Alhamdulilah, i managed to do that positively writing main points regarding the visit.

first point, i was lucky to go to qatar university on behalf of my university.  Out of 200 PhD holders here, I was trusted to visit all alone.

second point, i managed to know qatarist people better.

thirdly,  i saw how big their library is.  but the library has 2 sections based on gender. they don't mix between the sexes.  Good, isn't it?

finally, i met many famous researchers in qatar.  hopefully they can help us . to be one of the active leaders in research ..global scale, i mean.

i think thats all for now.

wallahu aklam.

my marking continues/


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