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I have just completed marking my first group 'Jumaat Group' exam paper in mathematics.

Wow!  very impressive indeed.  Many of them can do the paper very well.  I can't believe my eyes.  As compared to their work in the Mid SEmester Exam .. I think this is 2 to 3 times better.  THe highest mark I saw was 87% and the lowest mark 35%.

2)  So if they multiply this mark by 0.4  , they can get the real figure say 0.4 * 85 =  34 marks  and 35 * 0.4 = 14.

So if you add up with your carry mark , say 40's  .. the final score for your maths paper would be around 74 marks ..and that is already B+ , I think.  Congratulations!  it seems that .. our teaching and learning .. was quite fruitful.  (laugh).

At this point, I just want to say Congratulations to all of you .  Great!

3)  I picked this class begin my marking since I believe this is my weakest class so far.  If you can do it , I am sure the other groups can do it better.  God Willing.  Let's pray to that.

4)  I went for 1 hour dakwah with an architect from London.  Graduate from UCL London.  Never thought i can sit next to next to a british trained architect.  This was what he got to say about architecture '..  this is man's territory.  It won't be good for  ladies to stay long hours in a studio and go outstation for days .. meeting clients ..  all over the places ..  moreover, maksiat is everywhere now.  So better to advise your daughter .. stay away from architecture.  We cannot follow the kafirs .. they can do everythng to get hold of contracts etc etc ..  See?"

My arguments was ".. what will happen , if most muslimats only train for .. teaching and nursing jobs all over the world.  What will happen to ..  jobs out side there examples engineers, technologists, geologists etc etc ?  "  He answered ".. Allah knows best!"


In conclusion, I bought half his ideas and i am adamant with my own ideas ..  as i drove my machine towards my home.

See you brother ..esok.  Insyallah.

5) I will mark the MOnday Group next.  beginning noon Wednesday 16th Jan 2013.

Wallahu aklam.


  1. Anonymous said...

    i was very glad that i have a teacher like you :)

  2. sazali said...

    why u say that? u have thousands of great teachers right? he..he.. tq so much/ it was nice teaching to those who thinks s/he is just an empty cup of water. to gain knowledge , we must behave humbly like the sahabats of rasulullah s.a.w/ there goes the berkah of knowledge. ameen

  3. Anonymous said...

    ameen =)

  4. Anonymous said...

    when will the result come out sir :) ?

  5. sazali said...


    Mengikut arahan atasan dari Universiti, we pensyarah must submit all marks b4 23 Jan 2013. I think by Friday noon .. u can see ur marks/ grades respectively. Pray u all will get good grades in maths and .. all the best plz. Wasallam.

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