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After returning home from Jogjakarta .. my blog visitors has somehow jumped ..  a bit drastic than usual.  It is not so surprising since  as a teacher ..  one can talk and write well on certain important issues.  I will write another issue 31st DEC or 32nd DEC.  What is so great about that new year eve etc etc.  

BTW , just to say Welcome to my new readers.

2)  This blog is about what I think as a father to 6 grown up where 4 of them are already working - children plus after being a teacher/lecturer for the last 30 years in Malaysia.  It does not represent Malaysian daddy's or teachers ' common thinking. it is  Just my entire thinking and philosophy as a muslim professional.  Insyallah and Alhamdulilah.  FYI,  most of my teachers were British, Scottish, Chinese, Indians, Ceylonese back to 1960 - 1980s.  My malay teachers were relatively few  teaching me Islamic Studies and Malaysian Language.

My motto is '..  say a bit more .. even though .. it is just a small matter ..  mathematically and logically'.

3)     All the best my readers.

Wallahu aklam.  (God knows best).


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