Why science education

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School children starts to learn science quite early in their school lives.  In Malaysia we start at Year 4 age 10 years old - which is relatively late than their counterparts.

Why? I do not know exactly.  We must refer to The Curriculum Center MOE in K.Lumpur.

But the most important thing is why Science Education?

Reasons could be:

(i)  promote awareness on what is happening around them for example - how rain comes in the first place
and why flooding occur in their respective places

(ii)  encourage  the students to think scientifically such as why .. flowers are attractive to some kind of  bees and

(iii)  can link to knowledge and research ( Sandra Eady, 2008)

But in the Quraan ( the main Muslims' reference book) ..  there are many instances .. Allah the CReator asked mankind to reflect on his power in the field of science examples Ayat 10 to Ayat  20 Surah Noah when Allah brings abundant of rain for the mankind ..where from the rain .. he helps the growth of plants and various crops, we grow healthily by eating these crops ..  and there we flourish as a blessed mankind.  Allah Akbar.

There is science in the Holy Book of Quraan.

Please read my dear.

Wallahu aklam.


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