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As teachers we are asked to construct a lesson plan that would last for 1 or 2  hours.  The objective of a lesson plan is to guide the teacher what to teach (content, body of a knowledge)  within a specified time.

Example  1 hour maths lesson would look something like this.

First 5 to 10 minutes

Set Induction

Next 25 - 35 minutes

Lesson Proper

What is problem solving?
Examples of problem solving in mathematics

What is critical thinking ?
Examples of critical thinking in mathematics

What is reasoning ?
Examples of reasoning in mathematics.

What is a mathematical proof?
Examples of a mathematical proof.

Short discussion if there is Q n A from the students.

Minute number 45
Give out 2 questions only.

Give an example of a problem solving in mathematics.
Give an example of reasoning in mathematics.

Minute number 55
Collect the quiz / answers

Minute 60
The lesson has ended.

It is good to have a reference such as  Edward de Bono (1976).  Teaching thinking.  London:  Penguin


2)  I remembered very well my mentor Prof Dr Bevans in Leeds University Hospital, Leeds , England.  He was a psychologist and also a mathematician.  I enjoyed working for him under his research - multi dimensional research.  At the age of 70 plus ..he was so eager to learn programming FORTRAN 4 from me .  See?  a psychologist, mathematician and .. a student at the same time.  Me as his teacher in programming  FORTRAN.  Our roles always change.

What i could see to that is ..  learning never stop.  That was in 1980 - 1981.  Leeds University Hospital. Hope to see this happening in this part of the world.

Wallahu aklam.  (God knows best).


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